Something About My Dad

It’s a general rule that anyone who has ever met my dad totally loves him. And if you happen to know both of us, you probably know that we are absolutely nothing alike.

Except that we’re almost the same person. There are some things about my dad, though, that I will never be able to do like him.

1. My dad has really good children’s sermons-like incredibly, ridiculously, mind-blowing good. I’ll go to other churches, and no matter how good the service is, I always walk away with the same thought, “I wish I would’ve gotten to hear my dad’s children’s sermon.”

2. He does the dishes. You guys, I hate doing the dishes so much that I can’t even explain it to you. Technically, I’m supposed to do the dishes in the summer, but that doesn’t happen. He does them for me like he does the rest of the year.

3. He’s the perkiest morning person I have ever met in my entire life. I can’t deal with mornings. But oh, my father can. It’s so bad that he can smile at me in the morning and I start yelling at him….and he just laughs at me.

4. Every single day that I took my lunch to school, not only did he pack my lunch, he wrote me notes. I thought it was rather annoying at the time, and sometimes I didn’t even want to read them. Looking back on it, it takes a serious amount of dedication and love to do something like that.

5. He’s the only person I know who can walk around a college campus in a red rain jump suit and have all the college students think he’s that much cooler because of it.

That’s just a very limited view of my dad. If you ever get a chance to meet him, I highly encourage you to do so; my words will never be able to adequately describe any part of him. He teaches my Sunday School class, and I just sit there in complete awe of the things he has to say. My older brother likes to say that the order of greatest men to ever walk the planet is Jesus and then our dad. I think I’d have to agree. One of my absolute favorite quotes is, “In a culture that’s so concerned with being star, I just want to be a servant.” And my dad is the perfect example of a servant. A servant of others and a servant of Christ. 

I’m so glad there’s a day to honor our fathers, but especially mine because he acts as a father to so many more children than just his own. And because he taught me about my heavenly father and showed me Christ’s love through his own love for me. 

#thanksDad Philippians 1:3

1 Corinthians 16:23-24,



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