What My Mom Would Do


Yesterday, I watched my dear friend, and former teacher’s, daughter around lunch time. She sent me a text, asking what my younger brother and I wanted from Chickfila. I told her she didn’t have to buy us lunch, and she responded by saying, “I want to because it’s what my mom would have done.” (And this is why I am completely in love with people.)

I started thinking about how often we do things because it’s what someone else would have done. When I can drive, I am absolutely going to give people rides all the time because that’s what my mom would do. I want to adopt kids because that’s what my mom has always wanted to do. I love talking to people because my mom does. I want to help people whenever I can…because that’s what my mom would do. 

It’s so beautiful that we do things in the spirit of other people, but it’s even more beautiful when we do things in the spirit of Christ. I’m lucky; most of the things my mom does are things that Jesus that would have done, so I can do them in the spirit of both of them. Maybe I’ll eat lunch with someone who’s alone because that’s what Christ would have done. Maybe I’ll forgive someone, replace hatred with love, or simply take the time to pray. And maybe people will see some of my mom in me. But more importantly, maybe people will see the same light of Christ in me that I can always see in her.

1 Corinthians 16:23-24,

Some other cool things about my mom: She’s sassy, and makes really cute kids. (I mean, have you seen my brothers?) She’s a ginger; she hasn’t killed any of us yet, and she has an incredibly joyful laugh. She makes the BEST food, advocates naps, and has impeccable taste, especially in clothes. Plus, she’s quite pretty, gave me life, and continues to constantly love me. So really, I have the best mom. 


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