Room at the Coffee Shop Table


On Thursday nights, I have a group of friends who hangs out at a local coffee shop. There are two college students, our Young Life leaders, and a group of high school girls. When you walk in the door, everyone hugs you. Then we pile our Jesus Calling books, Bibles, phones, wallets, and various drinks on this little table. We pack chairs into the small space; we sit down; we talk, and we laugh. Eventually, someone will read the devotion, and someone will read the Bible verses that accompany it. And the moments are so filled with joy and peace.

It feels like every week, we’re always saying how space is never an issue, that we can always “make room.” I think about the girls at the table,and I’m amazed at how we’ve all managed to be friends-those of us who have been friends for years and those of us who never imagined being close. I’m in awe of how well we have been able to make room for each other in our lives, despite our differences. I’m surprised all of our personalities can even fit into the same room. But they do. We just squeeze in, taste each other’s coffee and talk about Jesus. Somehow, there is always room.

Our coffee shop table reminded me of the Lord’s table. At His table, there is always room. No one tells you that you can’t sit at the table because you don’t look a certain way or meet a certain standard. I want my life to be like that table. There’s room for everyone. People who believe in God and the people who don’t. People who like to drink coffee and the people who don’t. People who dress the way I do, people who dress differently than I, people I agree with, people I disagree with, people who go to church every Sunday, people who don’t, people who are attracted to the same sex, people who don’t make good grades, and people who society will never care for. I want them all to be safe and loved. They’re all welcome at my table. 

I think that all too often, people feel unwelcome, unwanted, and unloved. All too often, we forget about the radical, unconditional love of Jesus Christ. We condemn, and we cast the stone. We Christians act so unlike our Christ. I’d like to apologize for that. Just know that I love you. Jesus loves you. There’s room at His table, and there’s room at mine.

If you happen to see us on Thursday nights, stop to say hey, pull up a chair, and drink some coffee. And if you don’t like coffee, stop to say hey, pull up a chair…and drink whatever makes you happy.

1 Corinthians 16:23-24,


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