The Q-tip Principle

In the mornings after I use q-tips, I always toss them into the trashcan. The trouble is, I don’t always make it. (I know, the struggle is all too real.) I can either spend literally all of two seconds picking them up, or I can just leave them there for someone else to pick up. I make countless decisions each day, more of which have an impact than I realize. I can help the kids behind me in Spanish class, or I can focus on my own work and not have to do any for homework. I can take a water bottle to a football player, or I can tell him that he can walk over and get it himself.

Do I really want to pick my q-tips up off the floor? Absolutely not. Sometimes I spend more time deciding whether or not I’m going to pick them up than it would have taken to just pick them up. But I have to think about the decision anyway. I know. I should automatically pick them up, no hesitation simply because it’s obviously the right thing to do. But I still have a divided heart. There are times when I just don’t want to do what God would want me to do, and I don’t always choose to do what Jesus would have done. There are lots of times that battles take place between my heart and Christ’s presence in my heart. Between my earthly desires and the Lord’s desires.

The Q-tip Principle when Making Decisions: I can either choose the ” right” thing, the choice that glorifies and pleases the Lord or I can pick the choice that glorifies and pleases me.

It’s not always going to be as seemingly simple as just picking up a q-tip off the floor. There are much harder decisions that I’m going to have to make, and I highly doubt that I will always make the right choice, no matter how much I want to follow Jesus. I just pray that I make the right decision when it matters the most. I pray that Christ can win the battles against my heart and that eventually all of my thoughts, words, actions, and desires become like the Lord’s.

So in the morning, and hopefully every morning, I’m going to pick up my q-tips. It’s something small, but the more battles Christ wins inside of me, the easier it will be for Him to win the next one. And who knows? Maybe I’ll have a big decision to make and thinking back to the q-tips will inspire me to make the Christ-like choice.

1 Corinthians 16:23-24,


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